Impact Protection Vehicle - HGV

Commonly known as IPVs, these trucks are used as block vehicles and provide protection for both the ground operative workforce and motorists during motorway maintenance work in live traffic situations. The vehicles incorporate high visibility chevrons, warning signs and lights and Lorry Mounted Crash Cushions (LMCCs). All our crash cushions are designed from impacts up to 100km/h (62 mph). The latest versions in our range are a 7.5T IPV and a 3.5T Mini-IPV.

Costain Daf Impact Protection Vehicle - Front View

Daf Impact Protection Vehicle (IPV) front view


An Impact Protection Vehicle in operation on a motorway
The Impact Protection System in use on a dual purpose vehicle, carrying warning signs and traffic management equipment

Crash Cushion

The vehicles can be supplied in a variety of configurations to suit the clients' requirements:

The vehicles typically include sign racks, warning lights, cone stowage areas and under body stowage compartments. Vertical lift light / sign boards keep the vehicle length to a minimum for travelling and are quick and easy to deploy by the driver via electronic controls without leaving the cab.

Galvanized steel construction for durability

All body builds supplied by Swords traffic Management are galvanised and built in a manner that they can be re-chassised after 3/5 years.

Invest your money wisely - buy a galvanised body and when the truck has reached three to five years old, move the body to a new chassis and cut down on your replacement costs.

In-cab Camera System

This unique feature on Swords Auto constructed vehicles is an absolute must for anyone purchasing a new build Impact Protection vehicle.

In-cab computerised control system monitor

All our traffic management vehicles are supplied with an in-cab rear view camera complete with colour monitor and sound for the safety of the vehicle driver and any other occupants. This camera system acts as a secondary source of positioning in relation to oncoming traffic in operation. Camera systems can also be supplied to the works area. Side view cameras are also an optional extra if required

Computerised in cab control unit

More information on the Computerised Control Unit

Safety features on our factory builds

Powder coated yellow steps on a IPV cab

If you have any further requirement for safety features, these can normally be incorporated at the point of ordering.

Vertical Lift Direction Arrow Board

The Swords Auto designed vertical lift directional arrow board incorporates a Nissen illuminated halogen directional arrow board in conjunction with a fully reflective 7403 board with 340mm four ways.

The galvanised steel frame has a minimum number of working parts and operates on a dual hydraulic ram system, which minimises the maintenance involved. The board is mounted on double acting rams, which gives the operator total control when raising or lowering the board.

Simplicity we believe is the secret - and no steel wire problems to boot!

Safestop 90 crash cushion

Swords Traffic Management pride ourselves in our ability to produce vehicles to our clients' specifications. We also have an extensive fleet of traffic management vehicles available for hire. Just give us a call on 01978 664423 or 07810 745656. Alternatively, complete an enquiry form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

For Ireland, call Richard on 00353 086 7812526.

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An Impact Protection Vehicle in operation on a motorway
Our IPVs are designed to the latest standards and to meet today's demanding requirements for motorway and trunk road traffic management.


An Impact Protection Vehicle in operation


The Impact Protection system shown in the transport position

The Impact Protection System in the transport position.


In-cab Controls with monitors

The driver deploys the impact protection system in safety with in-cab controls.


At all times the driver and operatives needs are addressed by staff at Swords Auto who also have Lantra awards qualifications and who know what is required to make these vehicles as user friendly as possible.

We also have Combined IPV and Barrier Rig Vehicles.


DAF 55/220 Chassis / Cab fitted with Barrier Rig and equipment

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